Another day, another cup of coffe

I'm an observer. I enjoy illustrating thoughts, feelings or dreams. I give them the image of allegorical characters who look sad and sometimes comical. I try to stop and notice ordinary things. Things like a cup of coffee. Places where I enjoyed it and the people I met. All this can evoke in the memories the sight of a cup of coffee. Recently, I discovered digital drawing, which provides incredible opportunities for my expression. Let me introduce my work, I hope you will like it and maybe you will find "your cup of coffee" among them …

Another day, another cup of coffe

What I Love Doing

Its hard to stay ahead of the game. I take every tasks seriously. Things I do flawlessly.

Do you like any of my paintings?

My pieces are for sale. Feel free to contact me.

Do you want a customized painting?

Write me your idea. Let's talk about it and you can have your own original painting.

Do you want to redraw a photo?

Send me your photo and you will get an original representation of your memory.